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Hi and welcome to the most interesting political website you have ever seen. Not that most are that entertaining, in fact, what could be more boring than a political campaign?

Do you want to hear candidates talking about crime and taxes, pollution accusing each other of being the devil’s spawn?  

If so, then you have thousands to choose from.   But if you want a campaign site and a candidate that really has a sense of their district, who can talk about the history and culture of their constituents, who can show empathy for them not just in essays and speeches but in his actions, such as long term charitable deeds such as donating blood (Daby Carreras has given gallons of blood and has maxed out his giving of white blood cells for an entire lifetime), then you must be the type of person who really cares for their district and that is the type of voter that we want here at the Daby Carreras campaign.  

You will see on this site a lot of beautiful things on this site. El Barrio, Spanish Harlem, it has a lot to offer and Daby represents it as such. It so happens that the Museum of the City of New York is in this district. Daby, and his crew, are part of the history of New York.  

His relatives came here from Cuba, as did so many others of Hispanic descent. He is also Puerto Rican.  Many people might ask what a nice essay about Central Park has to do with politics?

For most politicians, maybe nothing. But Daby is not like most politicians.  At this time of COVID 19, he sees the everyday need for humanity in this city. Some things need to be addressed immediately, they cannot wait for politicians to discuss them in Albany and then write a bill that could take effect way down the road.   That is why one of these articles on this site not only discusses Central Park – guiding his constituents to a place where they may relax and feel safe – but offers to parents an indexed map of the park at no cost.  
 Another writing talks about rooftop accessibility, penned with a view to encouraging tenants and landlords to develop more rooftops in the city. Should this wait for representatives to discuss in Albany, where most of the lawmakers are not even from the city and do not understand as well this facet of city living?  No. Daby wants to get the ball rolling right away, so that improvements can happen even before he is elected.
With over 100,000 people in his district alone, it is worth improving their quality of life as soon as possible.  

Daby wants to make sure that children are not losing out on education with the schools being closed or working under limitations. An article being prepared is about stamp collecting, and the Daby Carreras campaign will offer to parents and children thousands of free stamps. This is already being done, no waiting for a discussion with the opposition.   Real candidates are not limited to taxes and lobbying. Real candidates see the needs of their districts and address these, including blood donation, the need for relaxing and safe space, education. And we could even include on this list personal enjoyment, or, as the Constitution calls it, the pursuit of happiness.  

Daby Carreras will be working for that when elected to Albany, and is already working on that on this site where constituents may contact him with their issues. He and his team look forward to working with all of you, and we hope that you enjoy this site and what it is attempting to do for you.

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