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(Photo) Daby B. Carreras 



NYC 2020


On Friday, 10 September, Daby’s twitter went silent. The usual buzz of activity and communication that he maintains with so many was gone. At found this a bit relaxing. But as time passed, he knew something was wrong. Then he saw that his account was not working. Then he got the message from twitter that it had been suspended – with not reason given whatsoever.

Messages to twitter to find some kind of resolve and explanation went unanswered.

Freedom of speech was answered with the right to remain silent.

In New York City, Andrea Catsimatidis took up the issue on her social media accounts, reaching countless concerned citizens, including her many legislators. Bob Orts, NY State Senate Minority leader, and  Will Barclay, NY State Assembly Minority leader, sent a letter to the CEO of Twitter.

And still there is silence.

Deafening, deafening silence. Which is perhaps what someone wants; quite likely as Daby has been tweeting out the Epoch Times article about the protest outside the NYC consulate of the nation with the worst pollution and human rights atrocities on the planet: The People’s Republic of China.

The article embarrassed party officials, and I was told that the death penalty would await me if I ever entered that country. I’ll keep that in mind when I plan my vacation.

So that’s the latest. We await a response and a reopening of Daby’s account, and also we plan for a protest outside the Twitter NYC HQ at 249 W 17th Street.

China, if you’re listening, hands off US elections and freedom of speech.

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