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NYC 2020

A big presidential election has been hard fought and a winner has emerged. The right wing government has ceded to former finance minister Luis Arce, who is believed to have 52% of
the vote while his leading opponent, Carlos Mesa, is believed to have but 34%. The official
and final tally has yet to be confirmed, but the lead is wide enough for Arce’s followers to

Barring some surprise, he will be the president, and Jeanine Anez, the incumbent, will hand
over power to Snr Arce when the results are confirmed.

I have backed Luis Arce for over a decade, and what I wrote about him back in 2010 is on the
www.cuentasdebolivia.blogspot.com¬†site. His handling of the economy parallels Trump’s; both
men have handled crises well, and brought their nations to prosperity from the mess that
previous administration handed them.

And both men have had trouble with Twitter – I might take that as a good sign.

So Daby and I, along with NY based Amigos de Bolivia, will send him a note of congratulations
as soon as Bolivia releases an official statement of his having won. Snr Mesa has already conceded the election – so this looks like a peaceful handover of power. At some point there was turbulence, but both men have handled this very well and Bolivia looks set to continue on the positive path that Arce’s party, MAS, had put it.

Writing in support of a left wing candidate in a country that has had a difficult relationship with the US may be a surprise; but only to those who see the labels. In reality, the US left has little or no support for MAS – where is AOC on this for instance? She is hardly in her district, and pressing
issues such as women’s rights are neglected by her – it is in her district, right under her nose, that
severe underage sex traficking goes on.

It does not go on in GOP run cities in the US, and MAS never tolerated such things. MAS has more in common with the GOP than with US left wing extremists, many of whom are violent drug dealers, thieves, con artists, perverts etc.

Joe Biden, when he was vice president, never did anything to shore up US-Bolivian relations. He was too busy helping his stupid son Hunter get $ from China and the Ukraine. Clinton, as Secretary of State, did nothing.

What Biden, Pelosi, AOC and the left wing nut jobs in the US could not accomplish will be handled by sensible people in the GOP.

All of whom welcome Snr Arce, whatever the label of his party is. We reach out to him, we have respect for his accomplishments as finance minister and we look forward to his term as president.


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