Drain The Swamp

Don’t Take the A Train

I take the A train, just about everywhere. Today I took it to the Columbus Circle area, saw a fellow stamp collector, then went down to the Turnstile Mall – that underground parade of shops at Columbus Circle to shop for sweets at Hotel Chocolate. It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and I wanted to surprise my girlfriend.

Somehow I noticed lots of police on the A trains, and that C trains were skipping 137th St. 181st St was skipped when I rode the A down.

And now I know why. 181st was a crime scene; along with 207th St, and the Far Rockaway stop on the A train. Dead bodies and wounded people are evidence of a serial slasher.

As usual, De Blasio is blase. He reminds us that there is a pandemic. As if we needed to be reminded.

Where I live, there are many elderly people, many of them Russian, and the A train takes them between Kings Highway and the uptown area sometimes known as Moscow-on-the-Hudson. They are not so up on the news, most watch Russia Today and other Russian language TV, so my friend Tanya was surprised to hear that she was riding around the past day with the A train slasher lurking. His victims tend to be middle aged to elderly.

I say ‘he’, because a shopkeeper on 181st St was able to give a description – a short man with blood in his mouth. Who knows how he got the blood in his mouth, maybe we have a vampire on our hands.

We definitely have a mayor on our hands whom we would like to get rid of – along with the public advocate and the comptroller. I met the advocate when he was having to defend himself to Hispanic livery drivers whose petition he had not supported, and the comptroller is someone I would like to not have to meet, though I would like to ask him what happened to about $1,000,000,000 that the mayor’s wife does not seem to be able to account for.

What can I do? Straphangers are left bleeding on the tracks while  slashers impose a reign of terror on my train, and the city bleeds money at the hands of Scott Stringer, whose political party once had John Wayne Gacy as a candidate.

Finding a better mayor, advocate and comptroller is a necessity. Thus I am happy to hear that Fernando Mateo is running for mayor – and that Daby Carreras is running for comptroller. Their competency means that money will NOT go missing and thus be available for things like safety on the trains.

And everyone can do something to make New Yorkers safer on the trains; they can vote responsibly – as Obama said, elections have consequences. They do. We get De Blasio and a comptroller who does not know where large sums of money are. Those are the consequences. Consquences kill. But conversely, consequences could bring new life to this city – with new people at the helm.

Mateo for Mayor, Carreras for Comptroller – this is the mantra of hope for every New Yorker.