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(Photo) La Paz, Bolivia


NYC 2020

The heated election for president, with a right wing religious head of state at the helm being challenged by a left wing politician from the former administration heats up. Debates about mail in votes abound, and the suspicion of vote fraud hangs in the air like a giant chad.

The voters will go to the polls in less than a month. And it may turn into mayhem. Or it may be over and done with overnight.

Some might stop me here and say that I have misstated the time left before the election, but that would be assuming I am talking about the US election, which is over a month away. 40 days to be exact.

What I am writing about now is the 18 October election in Bolivia, where the person most expected to win is Luis Arce, a member of Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS). I met him years ago and wrote about him on the www.cuentasdebolivia.blogspot.com site – here is the URL to see that article:


One might expect that I oppose him and support the right wing candidate(s). I don’t. I support
Luis Arce and MAS. It is evident that he is in the lead, but the recent decision by the interim president to not run so as to leave more chance for his opponents to win makes this a closer race.

What needs to happen to place him as head of state in La Paz on 18 October is that he gets 40% or more of the vote with a 10% or more lead over the closest opponent. That rarely happens in Bolivia.

La Paz, Bolivia

Mount Illimani, the guardian of La Paz, Bolivia. Its peaks barely illuminated by the last rays of daylight. The city already lit up

If it does, or if he wins the second round, we will reach out to him along with the NY based Amigos de Bolivia. The label means nothing. GOP or Dem, right or left, honesty and experience
which count, and Arce has both.

Right and left can work together, and we hope that this will be the case for both nations experiencing fall elections, Bolivia and the US. In both there is a need for healing and cooperation
and Team Daby is aware of that and looks to work with both sides, in and out of the US.


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