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Doug Dechert blasts GOP party chairs in New York City and reveals all except his own struggles with alcohol and anti-Semitism.

Two years ago I was on the train up to Mammaroneck, to attend the holiday party at Project Veritas.

A fellow passenger, Doug Dechert, picked my brain on the way about Bolivia, of  then Evo Morales was the president. Doug was opposed to Morales, whose party had made so many positive changes to the country.

Doug was also opposed to Jews. So I listened to his opinions, but forgot to tell him I was Jewish way back, on my mother’s side.

Dougs’ relationship to Jews has earned him in some circles the moniker “The Jew-Puncher” – about which an article by Hamilton Nolan on gawker.com – https://gawker.com/tag/doug-dechert –  gives insight:

“Doug Dechert, a “sometime PR flack” and sometime-writer who’s about 50 years old, threatened to assault former Gawker editor and current Radar writer Choire Sicha Wednesday night. Specifically, Dechert said “I’m going to punch that little prick [Choire] in his fucking face.” Dechert—who was once on the receiving end of an email defenestration and a shove from Ian Spiegalman—made the threat at a book party for chaste author Dawn Eden.”

After having infiltrated racist groups for a decade, and knowing that there were unhappy neo-nazis who hate my guts for having outed them publicly, I did not want  any more enemies.

But Doug is a man adept at the gentle art of making enemies. But then he seems to have a long list, including NYC comptroller candidate Daby Carreras.

Those of you who have read his latest rant, “Profit by Loss”, posted a couple of days ago, perhaps to coincide with and to influence the NYC primary elections, can see that Carreras and I are not the only people on his black list. Doug is fighting just about everyone.

His opening salvo blasts the Democrats, but then, in the first paragraph, blames the GOP for not being a strong enough opposition. And his targets in the elephant party include both John Catsimatidis and his daughter, Andrea. The former he blasts as fat, the latter, as having had the looks of an anteater.

For those of you not in NYC, John is an immigrant from Greece who lived the American dream – starting humbly working at a grocery store, then owning it, then owning all of Red Apple and Gristedes grocery stores. Which just might make some people jealous.

Doug embodies the opposite of this rags-to-riches story. He was born with silver spoons in his mouth, the scion of the wealthy and powerful Dechert family. His friends relate that Daddy Dechert was the CIA man who ordered and oversaw the murder of Che Guevara in Bolivia.

Others relate that his trust fund was worth about $20million, but that his uncle, on the death of Doug’s dad, saw fit to revoke the trust.

Which may have been a way of keeping Dechert LLC, one of the largest law firms in the US, intact. Leaving Doug to fend for himself in the jungles of NYC nightclubs, in which, as he related to me, he was able to meet drug dealing thugs who decapitated people and played football with their heads.

Vanessa Grigoriadis, with help from Jacob Bernstein, opened the eyes of many to the antics of Mr Dechert. https://nymag.com/nymetro/news/features/9503/

Outed for his sins, he has spent years as some kind of pen for hire. Ultimately, politics lured him, and he ended up trying to work for the Miguel Hernandez campaign. I had met Hernandez about a year earlier, joined up as the campaign manager, and always thought highly of this candidate.

And from what Doug writes, he too regards Hernandez with high esteem. Which is curious, because I recall all too well the racist comments that Doug made not only towards Hernandez, but to all Latins. “Spanish”, Doug insisted, “is pig-Latin and I hate the sound of it.”

At that time Doug was considering working for Hernandez’s possible opponent, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. It would depend, Doug explained, on who paid him. And he expected to meet Caruso-Cabrera through her publisher.

Somehow he ended up siding with Hernandez, who, as Doug notes in his article, did not win. Which loss he blames on the GOP – as it is was all some kind of conspiracy.

While I do not agree with any conspiracy theory, I do believe that a mistake was made – I went out to the Whitestone GOP meeting with Hernandez and brazenly told the mostly white members that in order to run in AOC’s constituency, it would take a Spanish speaking Latino from the area. And while things did not turn out as I hoped, I did not launch a tirade against the party. And neither did Hernandez, whom I hope will run against and win against AOC.

But Hernandez is not the only Latino candidate that Doug takes issue with. Laying out a case for some kind of conspiratorial shenanigans, he points the finger at a top ranked Wall Street broker and philanthropist named Daby Carreras. Carreras is clearly disliked by Dechert, even though Carreras was generous enough to pay Doug for his services; which I remember well, as I tried to dissuade him from having anything to do with Doug. Carreras, who is kind by nature, wanted to give Doug a chance, and now regrets it.

Being called a ‘bald homunculus” would make anyone regret employing Doug. Bald he is not, though he has short hair. And homunculus – a big word used to describe a humanoid or short person – is again wrong. Daby may not be tall, but neither is he a humanoid or what I would call short. He is in great shape – the epitome of mens sana in corpore sano.

Just for the record he is a blood and plasma donor. But since we are talking about his credentials as a money manager, who is the candidate for NYC comptroller – let me give the reader more relevant information. Carreras works at Spartan Capital, a Wall Street firm that he joined 13 years ago, when it had a dozen employees. It now has 400.

Carreras has made people wealthy there, taken companies public, and is an asset to the economy of NYC.

If anyone is a homunculus it is Doug – who is being very small to attack a man who has a responsible job, and who once hired him.

It is not impossible that the purpose of including Carreras in his rant was to send a message to people that Doug ought to be hired just to prevent him from writing bad things about a person. Kind of like the tactics of protection gangs who smashed your shop if you did not pay protection money.

But that is reading too much motive into Doug. It could just be the alcohol. While I’m not saying Doug is an alcoholic, I can state for the record that he likes to drink. On one occasion, when I was spending the day with my girlfriend midtown, I agreed to meet a friend of his for a few moments. The friend was buzzed up, while my girlfriend, who had just had dental surgery, stayed in her room. Doug’s friend showed up with Doug and a third, uninvited party, and when they saw some bottles of wine in the apartment, Doug made his way in and insisted we party or give him one for the road.

Needless to say my girlfriend was livid. She never liked Doug, or Doug’s racist views.
She put the foot down and insisted that Doug and his crew, who all smelled of alcohol, leave immediately.

I will close that story, and, more positively, the observation that Daby Carreras is well qualified to work as the NYC comptroller. He is a sober, hard working individual who can unite the party and the city. In a time of political division we need candidates that do not come from either extreme. We need candidates that speak and represent New York City to the fullest.

This November, vote for Daby Carreras for NYC Comptroller.


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