Drain The Swamp


License to Die

Ken Gibson,

NYC 2020

The democrat party does some strange things. For instance, it is proposing to run a candidate for New York City comptroller who has no brokers’ license.

This person would then run the NYC pensions. The elderly, the retired, they would be dependent on the decisions of someone with no license, no experience on Wall Street or for that matter on Main Street.

These same people would not check into a hospital and get operated on, or even have a prescription written for them, by someone with no license to practice medicine.

Yet the democrat party sees fit to foist upon them an inexperienced individual, entrust unto this inexperienced and unlicensed person billions of $ that belong to other people who have worked hard all their lives, many of whom have had to have professional licenses in order to do so.

Daby Carreras, on the other hand, has a Series 7 license and other professional credentials, handles billions of $, makes tons of money for clients, two of whom went from having a grand or two to having a million or two. Thanks to Daby.

With over a decade at Spartan Capital, and over 300 clients at that firm, located literally on Wall Street, with a second office on lower Broadway – Daby is the safe hands the city needs.

He has met over 300 CEOs. He knows who is dirt, who is good, and he knows how to make money work.

His apartment is full of bankers’ boxes full of files on all kinds of companies – he watches the price of metals and other raw materials, energy, meds, you name it.

I grew up in NYC. In 1970 my mother hung out with democrat congresswoman Bella Abzug – who used to push her shopping cart around on the Lower East Side. I wrote a letter to Mayor Lindsey and got a reply, even if the mayor did nothing. I got hip to politicians. I saw how Tammany Hall was a mess.

Young as I was, I knew something was wrong. I prayed to God for wisdom for it all. Imagine, things are so wrong a 6-year-old is praying about it all. And things got worse. Because not enough other people prayed or trusted in God, they trusted in Tammany Hall. The dems promised heaven on earth and we got hell.

Maybe the road was paved with good intentions, with talk about free this and free that – but the destination was no good. No damn good! This city is a mess – criminals get out of jail free and then go on to push the elderly in front of trains or bite women’s eyes while on line buying booze.

The rich are moving out, the poor are moving in with their folks.

Prayer only works when people realize HOW it works. It works when man does his part, then God supplies the rest. But fools do not get answers to prayers. They get the whip to their back – Bible says that.

Fools cry out day and night in this town, their backs bloody from the lash.

And fools just may vote in someone with no experience, and no brokers’ license, to compound their misery.

I hope not. I pray not. And I do my part – which is to support Daby Carreras with all his expertise, proven expertise, in handling money so he may financially bring this city up.

Vote Daby Carreras for NYC comprtoller this November, I thank you for making the best choice.

God bless the working man and woman of New York.



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