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NYC 2020

A killer stalks the streets of the Barrio. Visible fear causes panic, whilst an invisible monster causes pain, sickness and death. COVID 19; it came, it was conquered, but now it is back. It haunts us like a ghost, it taunts us like a devil. It is both.

From the jailhouse to the White House it shows up uninvited, refusing to leave. We are stuck in so many ways, we feel outr mortality, we long for morality,  we hide our faces behind the mask. From it we feel a sense of security, however false it may be.

This week I talked to my friend Joseph Goldstein at the New York Times, and he told me he has been put on this issue full time. I had hoped he would be interested in other issues, perhaps even the looming presidential election in October – no, not the Trump vs. Biden one, but the Luis Arce vs. a range of opponents one in Bolivia. I met Arce here once, and I am backing him for the job, but no, not this election, or even the aforementioned Donald vs. Joe affair interested the reporter. COVID 19 had his full attention.

And COVID 19 has ours here at Team Daby; we are making this a priority and we find it appropriate to review some steps that we all need to take to beat this pest.

Despite the reality of how powerful the virus is, there are people who take it lightly and endanger not just themselves but others. Thus it is not a bad idea to enforce the mask laws. And an even better idea to go a step further, and wear a plastic face shield.

It is said that using a mask to stop germs is like using a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes. The masks are porous else we could not breathe at all.

But the face shields are not, they stop small things, at least from straight on approach, and they can be washed.

Washing the shield after use is a good idea, and washing hands is de rigeur.





Then there are shoes. While we all like to have fashionable feet, it may be best to wear simple rubber clogs as these one piece items can be washed easily. Ugly works. Ugly can be beautiful. Ugly saves lives.

Naturally, diet is an important part of this. Eating fresh food and getting vitamins is key. Avoid junk food. And need I say avoid drugs?

A person on drugs or drunk is not aware of what they are doing, and many drugs lower the immune system. People selling crack at a time like this are a danger to all and we are at their mercy. Our families, our friends, they could die because addicts are walking around spewing germs. Yesterday I saw a man getting sick on the edge of the subway platform. It was a challenge even before COVID 19, but with this danger making its way into our world, into our bodies, into our lungs, such a scenario would scare the living daylights out of Hitchcock.

What we have learned over the months is that enclosed spaces are not safe. Entire industries have moved outdoors, witness the pergolas set up outside the eateries so that we can dine in fresh air.  Thus finding such spaces for any gatherings is of use, and once again, we offer to families a map of Central Park so that they may take advantage of this wide open space that has proven safe. Fresh air is not just a luxury, it is a necessity.

Last but not least an awareness of where the virus is spreading is of use. So far, Harlem is not a hot spot. The hot spots are mainly in Brooklyn and Queens. Social distancing was not observed on some occasions and COVID got up close and personal with large numbers of New Yorkers, while far away in DC it did the same.

We aim to keep it at bay and have it destroyed. Everyone has to do their part. Please do the best you can and stay safe.

Daby wants everyone to be around for a lot more time and to work with all of you over the years. Let us hope we can look back on this with relief and get back to our lives, not just as they were, but even better.

God bless and stay safe.


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