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At present we are faced with an international health crisis: The coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China, causing the quarantine of an entire city at the start of this year. Since, other cities have faced the same situation, as now several hundred thousand, including the doctor who first discovered this disease, are dead.

Tens of thousands are laid in bed, worrying that they too may be dead.

This phenomenon is not unnoticed halfway across the globe, as in this very city, there are areas that look like the set of a horror or science fiction film as people wear masks, gloves, and sometimes entire suits to protect themselves from this virus.

While many industries in China are shut down due to the epidemic, others have sprung up, with the demand for surgical masks surpassing the production. In New York City, many pharmacies are completely out, or are rationing these items. And on Amazon, some people were selling corona virus masks for over $200.

While so many are dying or quarantined, it seems the the Democrat led US Congress does not care at all. The first part of this year was wasted with impeachment trials, and Nancy Pelosi’s act of tearing up government property in front of a startled nation. Not that she cares much for public health, her district is known for piles of human feces left by drug addicts and criminals who have no respect for the well being of others.

Instead of tearing up the State of the Union speech, politicians ought to be doing their jobs. How is it that they have so much time to spend attacking another elected official but no time to defend the nation against health threats?

The average person might be surprised to hear that in the US, a large and highly technologically developed nation, there is not one single laboratory producing penicillin.

What would we do if there were a demand for it? Pay high prices for foreign made penicillin, or go without?

The lack of a penicillin producing lab is but one example of the negligence that has been practiced over the years. Both parties need to get together on this and do their jobs.

Another example of the lack of foresight and enforcement in the health sector is the recent discovery of filthy conditions at the New England Compounding Center, where pharmacist Glenn Chin was convicted of 77 counts, including racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, mail fraud and introduction of misbranded drugs into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud and mislead.

What China did was make drugs for hospitals in a filthy room. The result was fatal; many people died from the fungal infections in his prescriptions. In the state of Connecticut, there were only two inspectors to oversee the 1,100 such facilities. Carreras will make sure if elected that New York has sufficient inspectors to ensure that only clean and efficient pharmaceutical facilities are allowed to operate in his state.

NY State Comptroller candidate Daby Carreras will be looking to revive the US penicillin industry and make sure that his city, his state, and his nation are well prepared to protect everyone from infectious diseases and medical malpractice. As a financial services manager in this state, Carreras sees the financial side to the medical industry, which sadly has less interest in producing a cure that works and then is not used again by the same patient. Rather, there is interest in addictive drugs that end up being used by a patient until their death, which may in fact be occasioned by the very drugs they are using.

Carreras associate and hopefully future NYC councilman Miguel Hernandez recently built a medical facility here in the tri-state area and has shared his knowledge with Carreras. The two of them, along with the entire Carreras campaign team, are focused on issued of public health and will work hard to make New York well prepared against any diseases, including COVID 19.


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