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(photo) The Dominican tambora (from the Spanish word tambor, meaning “drum”) is a two headed drum played in merengue music.

Ken Gibson
NYC 2020
Today is the day on which the Dominican Day Parade was planned to take place. Since 1982, there has been one in Manhattan. And since well before that date, there have been Dominicans in Manhattan.
But this year, despite the large presence of people from the Dominican Republic all over this city, there is only a virtual parade.
COVID 19, the China virus, has put a halt to this parade and all others.
Daby and his crew support the Dominican population, which, like Daby’s team, is composed of immigrants.
The Dominican Day Parade celebrates the start of the war for the “Second Independence” (La Guerra de la Restauracion). In 1844, the DR gained its independence from Haiti (which had occupied it in 1822). In 1861, General Pedro Santana sought to annex the Republic back to Spain, succeeding in this quest in March of that year. In 1863, General Luperon started the war for the Restoration of the Dominican Republic. The DR had originally declared its independence from Spain in 1821. It gained liberty again on March 3, 1865.
The nation, located on the eastern side of the island of Hispaniola, has experienced political turbulence over the years, and has been ruled, from 1930-1961, by a dictator named Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. The US once occupied, between 1916 and 1924.
In WWII the DR was one of only two New World nations to accept Jewish refugees. Bolivia was the other. Jewish refugees had been turned back from other nations, most notably the United States, when Democrats refused to allow the starving Jews aboard the St Louis to enter the US. The ship went on to Britain, which did take refugees, saving hundreds.
This nation, like most other Spanish speaking nations, is a top destination for tourists, including eco tourists who can view a great range of flora and fauna, including ghost orchids. Sea and sun, along with affordable flights every day that were available before PR China let loose a plague upon the world, made DR a top vacation spot.
Today it is like most other countries, tossed about by the storms caused by the China virus. And like many other Hispanic nations in the New World, much of its future depends on what transpires here in New York.
A joke they tell up here in northern Manhattan underscores this reality. What is the capital of the Dominican Republic? Washington Heights.
Officially, Santo Domingo is the capital. But Washington Heights, the south Bronx, and much of Daby Carreras’ district, NY68th Assembly district, which includes El Barrrio, are populated by Dominicans. And they are influential, sending money back to their homeland regularly, importing and exporting, and promoting tourism.
For many years Dominicans, along with other Hispanics, have been taken for granted by the Democrat party. Ironically, this was the party of slavery and William Randolph Hearst. There has been no greater racist in US politics than Hearst, whose papers falsely accused Hispanics of terrorism, which started the Spanish-American War.
But the history of the donkey party is not the only reason Dominicans are revoking their support. The strange ethics of this party, which today openly supports terrorists and perverts has many seeing that it is impossible to be Christian and go along with this.
Democrats and their supporters include Jeffrey and Mark Epstein, John Wayne Gacy, and Alexander Maxwell Djerassi. The Epsteins, one of whom headed the Humpty Dumpty Institute, are at the heart of the Democrat regime. Jeffrey’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell, now in prison in this city, has been accused of heinous crimes against young girls, some of them Hispanic. Her family is married into the Djerassi family, the patriarch of which, Carl, is noted for his research into drugs that turn testosterone into estradiol. Some seek to inject this into young boys and turn them into girls.
Enough said. No Catholic could ever vote for these devils.
But the devil, wearing sheep’s clothing, fools many.
But not all. The wolf appeared openly on many occasions, as when young white Democrats took over Lt. William Tighe Triangle in Washington Heights. This was a small park across from Mamajuana and other popular Dominican eateries. At first, things looked good. The liberals bought plants and fixed it up. Then, they put up a locked gate and only these young Democrats had keys. The park was only open to the public for three hours a week.
As young white Democrats sat inside, enjoying the shade of the tall trees, the Hispanics sat outside, like black people regulated to the back of the bus. I used to argue this point with a young cellist who was on the side of the liberals. I told him that it was theft. Public property cannot be claimed by a small group of people who then exclude the public.
He disagreed vehemently, as did the city councilman, Ydanis Rodriguez. I made noise about this hypocrisy, Dominicans joined me, and today the park is open to the public at all hours. Rodriguez, having taken the side of liberal thieves, lost support among his constituents and they painted “Ydanis Rodriguez: haga sus maletas” on the street a block away from that park. Pack your bags: get lost is what the English translation would read.
Another example of his policies was that he sold the local library, a block away from the park, to developers for $1. There was outcry and at one town hall meeting, his GOP challenger, a white teenager, Greg Purdy, was able to speak causing the entire room burst into applause. Rodriguez sneaked out of the room, saying he had to be elsewhere. He did not stay to face the teenager or his own people. The episode was put up on youtube. While the GOP challenger did not win, perhaps only because he quit the race for family reasons, it shows that the Democrats are not the party that benefits the Spanish speaking community.
Yet another example of Rodriguez and his lack of respect for Dominicans was again one that involved the library. Each year during gay pride month, the librarians would openly display an entire table, near the door and near the stairs leading to the childrens’ room, full of gay and lesbian books.
Catholic parents who fought for the library to be open had to fight for those books to be closed so their children would not to be exposed to items of a sexual nature.
And many of those parents are openly GOP supporters for a very good reason: the amnesty which gave them citizenship in the ’80s was Ronald Reagan’s project. Sadly, Bush did not continue this, but neither did Clinton or Obama.
That amnesty is in fact one of the issues that Daby Carreras and his crew are working on. It does not just give every criminal the right to stay here, it does not allow terrorists, perverts of fools who don’t want to work, as some lazy crazy Democrats insist on allowing, it does not allow criminals to march up 5th Avenue as Democrats have done, but it does allow people who work to get citizenship.
Re-instating that amnesty, which has been proven effective, is what Carreras is focused on.
And that is good for Dominicans. This November, if you really are for Dominicans and other immigrants, vote for the candidate whose policies make sense. Vote Daby Carreras for NY State Assemblyman in the 68th NY State Assembly district, which includes El Barrio.

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