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NYC 2020

A line from a 1994 Elton John song comes to mind this year, as I recently lost two family members and a third underwent surgery removing part of their body.

“Cancer sleeps, curled up in my father and that means something to me.”

Dad too once had cancer, and he lost a kidney to this pest.

Many are losing body parts and even their lives, and so this issue cannot be ignored. Daby focuses very much on health issues, and when I say focuses, I do not just mean he talks about
it like so many politicians, but that he actually gives of his blood as his plasma and his time and his money, as so many politicians fail to do.

(Photo) A young Joan Ruth Bader  c. 1936

Here in NYC cancer strikes, and here in NYC cancer treatment is big business. But perhaps it is too big a business, as even the New York Times with their recent article about the head of a hospital prescribing useless drugs to cancer patients. The doctor just happened to be on the boards of five drug companies, and made much more as a board member than as a doctor or hospital administrator.

But it is not just selling drugs that is part of the business model. The Spanish language radio station 1280 AM is particularly hip to letting Drs. Izon and Lederman talk about how the surgeons like to scare people into having unnecessary – and expensive – amputations, radiation and chemo treatments.


Today for instance I tuned in and they replayed their talk about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who had parts of her body removed, and has since passed away, leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court.
She never sought out Drs. Izon or Lederman. Instead, she opted to have very expensive treatments that, in the opinion of many, were completely unnecessary; but which make surgeons rich.

As to the politics of these doctors I have no idea. If they are Democrats, fine, I am happy to give them the publicity they deserve if they save lives.

It is well known that the hospitals who force unneeded surgery and chemo on patients are full of Democrats, and that Big Pharma hates Donald Trump as he exposes their evil, deadly practices.


Which are what may have killed RBG. Unlike the Trump haters chanting death to Donald outside his hospital a week ago, I do not wish death or disease upon political opponents.

RBG in fact is someone I respect  – someone in fact who worked with a relative – Dorothy Kenyon – and someone who voted on many issues the same way I would have.

One memorable quote from this jurist goes like this: “Fight for what you believe in, but in such a way that others will join you.”

The rioters and looters are clearly not listening to her. Or to Trump. Or to anyone sensible.

I might recommend to them, and to everyone in fact, a recent (2018) movie about this icon, titled
“On the Basis of Sex.”

In it you can see her development, including her faults, such as her initial lack of courtroom presence. She was a brilliant student in two Ivy League institutions, and a brilliant teacher. But
she started her activism without any experience in front of a judge and jury. Her peers, including those at the ACLU, were put off by this and by her abrasive approach; which she improved upon over the years to the point where she got to sit on the highest court of the land.


Daby and I respect Mrs. Ginsburg, even if we do not agree with all of her opinions. And we do wish that she would have seen Drs. Izon and Lederman.

And if you, or your loved one, contracts cancer, I urge you to at least go and see these men and avoid amputations and unnecessary surgery.

Stay well and God bless.



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