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NYC 2020

The front page of the New York Times today is running a story by David Leonhardt who notes that the US has more than its fair share of the China virus. As usual with the New York Times, this is made out to be Trump’s fault, even when Trump wanted to close borders to China early in the year but was called a racist by the liberal elite; some of whom encouraged people to go out and join in Chinatown parades. And one of whom, Candi CdBaca, a Dem politician from Colorado, openly encourages the infected to spread it to Americans.

So yes the US has more than its fair share of the virus. And Spanish Harlem, all of Harlem actually, had higher infection and higher death rates than the average for the US.

Which is of concern to anyone. Daby Carreras has been at the front line of this way, donating blood until he is not allowed to donate any more white blood cells, which are of much greater use than red cells. He has saved lives.

But while Carreras takes action, the politicians in New York talk and not only do nothing – some make it worse.  Consider the fact that the Dem politicians had recently closed St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan and the south campus of Coler Hospital on Roosevelt Island. The buildings are now used to make money for Dem friendly developers, the voters are left to left-wing nut jobs who are killing them.

And the public at large in the US is under attack by liberals in the press who lie to us about a cure, many having financial interests in expensive cures that do not work. For this end some have lied to us about chloroquine, which has been used on over a billion people with not only success but no harmful side effects. My cousin, as a commanding officer in the USMC, gave it to his troops during jungle operations. No one had a problem with it.

But the liberal rich, very very rich, such as Nancy Pelosi rich, are making confusion and acting as if this long-established drug is a problem. Newspaper articles are distorted and full of lies about it.

So maybe that is one reason why Americans are dying, while Africans, who have no problems with chloroquine, have relatively few deaths from the China virus.

One person who attacked chloroquine is Dr. Desai. Recently the New York Times had a story about him on the front page, for the fact that his research was unproven. Did Desai lie? Did he or his friends have interests in a clinical trial for an expensive drug that they could make millions on?

The same question applies to Dr Fauci, who it turns out could have financial incentives to dissuade us from using chloroquine.

One doctor with a 100% success rate in treating China virus patients is from Africa: Dr Stella Immanuel. She stood on the steps of the Capitol with a number of other doctors and tried to tell the world about the success of chloroquine. The social media outlets in the US banned her.


On a free speech site, run by investigative journalist Frank Parlato, an article was posted talking about her and questioning the lack of free speech. Click here to read:


Racist overtones are the words used in the title of that article. Racist is perhaps the best word for the entire Democrat party, which was the party of slavery, the party that had the worst anti-Hispanic racist in US history: NY Congressman and presidential candidate William Randolph Hearst.

Racist is just one part of the history of this party. And it is not only something from its past, just this year an East Coast Dem politician was calling her constituents the ‘N’ word.

Laziness is another. While this virus raged, I was calling local politicians about certain dangers that were being posed and getting no response.

And this is unacceptable.

One of the issues that they are ignoring may be a root cause of the problem – 5G. Which does not cause the China virus per se, but which, being a microwave, could well be cooking our immune cells like a hotdog in a microwave.

Harlem got a lot of 5G towers just before the outbreak. Harlem got a lot of outbreak. Is there a connection?

No, one British journalist insisted. Clearly there has been little or no research to prove that this is safe, so why take a position on something that is now well known?

Perhaps because he lives far away from Harlem. Or perhaps because he, like many people who make money from tech gadgets, actually ban their kids from these gadgets. Do they know something we don’t?

We need to know as much as we can about the China virus and 5G. Perhaps the best source right now is the abovementioned site, where a plethora of articles, with lively comments, can be found. I have cut and pasted below this article a selection and suggest that any resident of Harlem read the facts before they just put up more 5G masts without your permission.

We need a candidate who will look at this major issue and not just believe lefties in the British or American press. We need Daby Carreras to have a seat in Albany. This November, vote Daby Carreras for Assemblyman in the 68th assembly district for New York.

(below are articles posted on the Frank Report about 5G and its effects)










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