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(photo) Daby B. Carreras 


NYC 2020

Daby Carreras and his team obviously cover issues that are endemic to East (Spanish) Harlem, aka NY State Assembly District 68 for which he is running.

Housing, local crime, rooftop access, dealing with COVID 19, educating the young, local parks, local jobs.

One pressing local issue is pricing, and in a district where people make less, much less than $100,000 a year on average, pricing makes a greater difference to people’s lives than it would to someone like Nancy Pelosi; or Jeff Bezos.

Even those who make much less than those two do not suffer if alcohol and other health items quadruple in price. They do not live in dirty homes if bleach goes from $2 a gallon to $8. They can still bleach their hair if a 16oz. bottle of peroxide goes from $1 to $4.

And if Chef Boyardee is no longer on the shelves at the Dollar Tree, but is now only available for 50-100% more, they do not endure the pangs of hunger.

When 2lb. bags of rice are not going for $1 anymore, Pelosi and Bezos need not fear. They will feed their families, send their kids to Ivy League schools and on expensive holidays, and possibly not even know of the vicissitudes of the food markets in El Barrio, or hear the term ‘food desert.’

But for the 129,000 or more people that inhabit Daby’s district, these sudden and extreme rises in price are not minor issues. They do not have $24,000 fridges stocked with fancy ice cream. As one local resident put it, crying out in front of their tenement, everyone is looking at a bare fridge, and barely able to survive. No ice cream, just screams.

The solution to this does not lie in their hands, as none of the products mentioned are made in, or anywhere near, Manhattan.

In this global world, a leader who will take on this issue must have experience with global commerce, and must be able to take on the real issue – which is production.

Presently, much of what America consumes is made in China – and this includes such necessities as penicillin. The masks that are sold in the bodegas in Harlem are made in China. Gothamites are being forced to give money to the very country that is the source of the virus that is forcing millions into poverty – and possibly utter starvation.

Thus a Goliath must be faced, even if, as in the Bible, many are against letting David set in his slingshot a rock and take aim at the giant. Read the story – David had to fight his own brothers before he could fight the enemy.

And thus it ever was. Facing the enemy and getting to the root of the problem are often opposed by the very people who are supposed to be the leaders. Neville Chamberlain was too apathetic to face Hitler, and had he been listened to, the nasty racist and his stupid socialists might have taken over the world.

If no one faces the issues of China and the lack of production in the US, the money will run out for many.

Which might not affect Pelosi and Bezos; but which could drive millions of others, the residents of Spanish Harlem included, into dire straits.

Daby and his crew are not standing idly by. They are not unaware or unconcerned like so many politicians – some of whom are hell bent on helping China to make  more money while Americans go broke. Some of whom try to divide Americans. Divided, one stands to be conquered.

United behind a plan, one stands to win.

That is why people are going to vote for him this November. They realize that the Democrats are  not lifting one finger to deal with this idiot reality. But Daby is. And should  he be elected, he will be able to do continue his task on behalf of New Yorkers when he  goes to Albany.

Please vote for Daby Carreras and let’s get this and other issues acted on before it’s too late.


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