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(Photo) The older gentleman on the left is homeless and lives in a world that is completely different than the one on the right knows. There is a human connection, a bond being made between two men from different worlds over a casual game of chess.

Ken Gibson

NYC 2020

Recently many have lost an elderly relative due to the COVID 19. Much that has been due not just to the virus itself, but also due to policies such as keeping many patients in nursing homes where the germs could fester and do more harm.

Another big aspect to this may be the failure to use chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. Both were developed when it was feared that a supply of quinine from chinchona bark would be disrupted by war, so synthetic forms were developed, and have been used ever since. Currently they are easy to make and inexpensive, and many people have said that their lives this year were saved by using CQ or HCQ. Among those that assert this, is a Democrat lawmaker from Michigan, Karen  Whitsett.

Democrats for some reason have tended to oppose CQ, perhaps only because Donald Trump advocated that it be available.

Other reasons for opposing an inexpensive remedy might also exist, such as greed among those who have invested in untested vaccines.

Many of the arguments put forth by the Democrats are very suspicious, and the fact that some social media outlets are censoring mention of CQ/HCQ raises serious questions. Murderous traitors have existed throughout history, and we cannot think that in 2020 they do not continue to exist.

Not all Democrats are telling people to refuse CQ/HCQ. The Frank Report this week is carrying articles by top Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who in the first paragraph of an article says this:

“It’s disturbing that I, like many other Americans, feel that we won’t learn the truth from Dr. Fauci.”

Disturbing is correct.

Especially in light of further facts that Kennedy shares in the following paragraphs:

“A 2005 Virology Journal article by MJ Vincent and CDC’s Eric Bergeron et al, surfaced last week. The study concludes: “We report…that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-Coronavirus infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.” This conclusion implies that chloroquine functions both as a preventative ‘vaccine’ and as a cure for strains of coronavirus.”

If these results persist in human models in COVID 19, as last month’s Michigan hospital study and abundant evidence from US doctors and other nations suggest—HCQ might compete with Dr. Fauci’s vaccines including the Moderna vaccine for which his agency co-owns the patent and Dr. Fauci has invested $500 million in taxpayer dollars.

Worse yet—for vaccine makers—HCQ’s patents are long expired; pills cost 30 cents.

Dr. Fauci insists he will not approve HCQ for COVID until its efficacy is proven in “randomized, double-blind placebo studies.”

To date, Dr. Fauci has never advocated such studies for any of the 72 vaccine doses added to the mandatory childhood schedule since he took over NIAID in 1984. Nor is he requiring them for the COVID vaccines currently racing for approval. Why should hydroxychloroquine be the only remedy required to cross this high hurdle? HCQ is less in need of randomized placebo studies than any of these vaccines since its safety is well established after 60 years of use and decades on WHO’s list of “essential medicines.”

Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, and Big Pharma have fueled public suspicions by funding multiple studies of HCQ using protocols transparently calculated to discredit the drug. FDA condemned HCQ for COVID based on two studies in NEJM and Lancet even after the journals retracted them for fraud. Dr. Fauci’s peculiar hostility towards HCQ is consistent with his half-century bias favoring vaccines and patent medicines. Dr. Fauci’s double standards create confusion, mistrust and polarization.”

So Fauci demands certain placebo studies CQ/HCQ, but then does not do the same for the expensive and unproven vaccines that money could be made from?

How many people have to die, how many of them our grandparents and aunts and uncles, before a simple remedy is allowed to be used?

Many are starting to feel that Cuomo and other Democrats murdered their relatives in order to advance the cause of Big Pharma and possibly commit treason by doing so for the sake of the People’s Republic of China; which is where COVID 19, aka the China virus, originated from.

The questions that arise from these facts need to be answered, we cannot just ignore them and continue to allow our elderly citizens to be in danger. Protection for seniors is a key issue with Daby Carreras and this includes protection from Big Pharma, incompetent politicians, doctors who would rather sell expensive drugs than affordable drugs, and, of course, foreign governments like that of PR China which has a terrible record of human rights violations.


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