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(Photo) Daby B. Carreras

Ken Gibson
NYC 2020

Daby has made a list of a number of issues on the ISSUES column on this site, and one that I see as often overlooked by politicians but of great concern to New Yorkers is noise. NOISE.

From construction crews to drunks turning up their radio to 100 or more decibels, noise is part of the NYC experience. Along with mugging and bad smells, it is something we all hate.

Noise is even more of a burden in this time of the China virus, when people are on a lockdown.

So what can be done?

I have in the past complained directly, called the police, left my apartment and bought ear protection. Even leaving my apartment has failed as noise occurs in so many places.

Complaining directly has some limited efficiency, but only when dealing with a person or entity that is responsible. Usually since responsible people do not tend to make noise, this is not the case.

Calling the police has also had limited effect. But sometimes this does work, the police are able to talk someone out of their rudeness or deal with a business that is violating the law by making too much noise.

That leaves the option of wearing ear protection, and this last one has worked the best – although certain types of noise, such as motorcycle noise do not get screened out. The protection that I use I bought at the New York Gun Club, which is not in existence anymore. A higher  level of protection would be afforded by the protection devices worn by air traffic controllers, but these so far I have not been able to find in any shops.

So the solutions I have used and that I am offering are, I admit, not that great. Obviously the real solution is for everyone to respect each other and not make noise, but this is not something that any political body can force.

One measure that can alleviate noise, and which has been mentioned on this site, is that of rooftop access. If tenants could go to the roof to relax and get away from the confines of their apartments, and from other tenants who insist on making rude noises, they could alleviate the problem to some degree.

Given the limited number of solutions, and the extent of the problem, it is not something that the politicians should ignore. It affects people not just on a personal level, but economically as well, especially when so many are working from home and need peace and quiet to conduct their business.

Daby Carreras is taking on a crucial, but not very easy issue, and I have a lot of respect for him for doing so. Let us help elect him this November so we can have more peace and quiet.


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