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(Photo) Daby B. Carreras

NYC 2020

This issue brings to mind the line of a 1970s Elton John song called “Boogie Pilgrim.”

“Crime in the streets,
You  read about it every day in the papers”

Justice is needed in the city, in the city that never sleeps, especially when people don’t want to close their eyes for fear of being robbed. Or killed.

No political campaign in New York City is complete without a candidate entering at large upon this topic; which is a key issue with Daby Carreras.

Nowadays crime is getting worse, as criminals flood the streets from prisons. Rapists and other nefarious characters are not only foisted upon our children, whom they slash and kill, but upon the elderly, whom they also slash and kill. And rape.

The right to vote is bestowed upon them by the governor, who, like some evil Roman emperor, chooses to support anyone who might vote for his party.

Crime waves are now like tsunamis, with police defunded and dispirited. Children get beat up in this city by gangs, cops are called, and cops are beat on.

In North Minneapolis, the African Americans are calling for more cops. Which fact I read, surprisingly, on the front page of the New York Times this last week.

300,000 people have moved out of New York City, lowering the tax rolls and disrupting the economy. The governor tried to woo them back, some say with a promise of cooking meatballs for them.

Meatballs are not going to bring back affluent taxpayers. Safety and security measures will.

And such measures are not just needed for the wealthy, who often have their own guards and live in secure buildings, they are needed for the poor and middle class.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, who lives on Fifth Avenue, is not in as much danger of being the victim of a violent crime as an elderly woman living in El Barrio is. This rich child of an even richer woman even has the Secret Service at her apartment sometimes, paid for by whom?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who spent to much time on asking the taxpayers for a pay raise last year, has done nothing to combat the under age sex trading rings in Corona. The Guardian Angels use their men to deal with this.

AOC and the Pelosis are not the answer to crime; and neither is their party. Some consider that both these women are in fact criminals; of which I will report more.

The answer to crime, or answers to crime, are what we need, not politicians who think they are super heros, not politicians who make millions each month from illegal insider trades.

I recall the years 1993-94 very vividly. Yes, those were the years that the African American community in Harlem, led by Leroy Owens, backed the GOP, and the GOP took the office of the Governor, the Mayor, and downstate Senator. Messrs Pataki, Giuliani and Goodman stepped up to the plate and the crime wave that existed under the Democrats washed back out to sea.

But I do not remember the political side of it; those years stand out in my memory because I was living at the Kenmore Hotel, that once glamorous abode where Dashiell Hammett wrote “The Maltese Falcon.”

By the time I got there, it was a crime scene. Murders and rapes, usually committed against the elderly, were so bad that the NYPD was given help from both state and federal authorities, resulting in the largest federal asset related seizure ever. The building was taken. Cops knocked on the door and told the manager, the wife of owner Tran Truong, that she was a trespasser. She had 15 minutes to leave or be arrested. 600 police officers from various agencies stormed the hotel and the New York Times, which had been ignoring the story, ran it on the front page for days.

Under Mayor Dinkins this had been allowed to fester. It got so bad that I physically arrested a drug dealer, Ram, aka Kamina Singleton, and was stabbed doing so. Which I never regretted. The drug dealing was the base of the crime, and when I say drug dealing, I do not mean simply some marijuana or hash; crack was the drug of choice, and the crimes stopped when it went.

Having been stabbed, I was in a position to push for this takeover. I went to the press and exposed much of this in Our Town before the raid, and made it known that the politicians, be they left or right, would not be allowed to sleep on their watch with this scale of violent crimes going on.

Politicians need to be real when they say they are concerned about crime. Daby stands out as a real candidate, one whom I know I can back, one who will not tolerate sex trafficking, crimes against the elderly, crimes against children and other evil acts.

As a victim of crime, I know I will be supporting Daby Carreras for NY State Assembly District 68 this November. I hope that you will too, many people are hoping that you will and that Spanish Harlem will not be the disaster that the Kenmore Hotel became under Tammany Hall in the 1990s.


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