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(photo) Daby B. Carreras 


NYC 2020

Tucker Carlson this week laid into the DNC for its Mr Rogers approach to reality. If we were to believe the Dems, it’s a beautiful day in da ‘hood and will get better when we all vote for them. Biden goes so far as to say that to be really black a black person has to vote for him.

Carlson cites the crime wave that the DNC forgot all about. While they smile for the camera, people are getting murdered and raped and tortured and robbed all over the good ol’ US of A.

And that includes Harlem. Vicious attacks now take place with all the criminals out of jail, one of whom, Frankie Harris, allegedly put a 64-year-old woman in a chokehold, pulled her to the ground and raped her. The woman is in a vegetative state and might not survive.

Harris had been charged in two prior assaults this year — but was twice freed without bail.

Previously though, he did not find so lenient and stupid a judge as to just let him walk;  an earlier session at the bench resulted in his bail being set at $10,000. Justice Gerald Lebovits was keeping the public safe from this person, but later on, Justice Althea Drysdale decided to gamble with the safety of women in NYC by letting Harris free. FREE THE RAPIST is the mantra now acted upon by some of our judges and politicians. And free rapists are roaming the streets and subways, grabbing women, sometimes in front of their children. One sicko killed two women as the children screamed on in horror. And he, after serving some time for this, was freed.

Harris also, it seems, likes to commit his crimes in front of youth, giving the children of Harlem an education in left-wing politics; allegedly he spit on and hit a mother, and threatened to kill her as her terrified kids, 5, and 3, watched in horror.

Further allegations against him include the complaint that he then punched someone in the face and spit on another, as he yelled, “Puerto Rican f——t.”

But that does not seem to be enough to keep him behind bars;  he was arraigned two days later on 16 charges, including third-degree assault as a hate crime, aggravated harassment, endangering the welfare of a child, menacing and resisting arrest, only to be released without bail by Judge Hilary Gingold.

Hillary Clinton would be proud. And nothing of this was mentioned at the DNC this week.

Nor any word of the convicted murderer who was let out and subsequently robbed a bank in Manhattan; or of the vicious rape of a NYC city woman, aged 58, who was attacked by a man who was let out of prison early despite a conviction for rape.

The Democrats know how to ignore the issues. One of their own candidates and party officials, John Wayne Gacy, was able to get away with dozens of murders in which he tortured his victims for years. 100 complaints about him and his house, which reeked of rotting flesh, were made to the police department and ignored. Then the stench gave him away.

Thus it is now with the Democrat Party. They have gotten away with many things, including giving away US missile systems to foreign powers, and now the stench rises to heaven.

I don’t know anyone black who is voting for Biden or for any of these clowns. I do know people in Harlem who want to keep racists and rapists in jail, and they will be voting for Daby Carreras in the NY State Assembly race in East (Spanish) Harlem.


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