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(photo) Daby B. Carreras 

Ken Gibson

NYC 2020

If Brexit is Britain leaving the EU, and Blexit is blacks leaving the Democrat party, what is Elexito? It certainly looks like Spanish for The Exit, thus the movement of Hispanics in the US leaving the Democrat Party.

But exito does not mean exit in Spanish; but yes, Elexito is the movement of Hispanics leaving the Democrat party.

While exito does not mean exit in Spanish, its meaning is appropriate: success is the English translation.

Thus Elexito is a double entendre.

The Democrat party often thinks it can take people for granted. Like the Nazi party in Germany, it makes promises of free education, free health care, free this free that.

Venezuela has had enough of these promises and nothing is free; little is even for sale, people go to the zoo not to see the animals but to eat them.

Part of success is knowing when to make an exit. And having seen enough of the disasters from these left-wing parties, the Spanish-speaking community knows it needs to make an exit. And with Elexito, it is also making steps towards success.

Daby Carreras is one of many Hispanics who has left the Democrat party and who is also a success. He works on Wall Street and handles millions in investments.

He is further seeking a large scale return of local jobs to the United States from Communist China, which will make the residents of this nation, whatever race they may be, better off economically.

That is one of many reasons to join Elexito and vote for Daby Carreras this November in the NY State assembly race in Spanish Harlem.


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